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Beautiful Boi - The Documentary

How do you love yourself when you’ve never been taught how?

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Often people say you have to love yourself if you want people to love you, but how do you learn to love yourself and receive love the love you deserve when you’ve never been taught how?

My name is Atlas O. Phoenix, formerly Ayesha Adu. My pronouns are They/Them. I am 50+. As an award-winning filmmaker, I write, produce, and direct my own films. I have made four short films in 20 years.


Right now, I am developing my newest film project, Beautiful Boi. I am like many in the 2STLGBQINPA+ community who struggles with mental health disorders stemming from childhood trauma.


As I prepare to say goodbye to my breasts and vagina, while I transition, this film focuses on my mental health journey after losing my most significant relationship with someone I also called Beautiful Boi.

What started as a gift to my dear friend, has become a documentary about love, loss, and transfiguration. This film isn’t just about the surgeries, the hormone replacement therapy, nor is it trans trauma porn. It's about the work it takes to be who you truly are from moment to moment; I am concerned with the legacy I have built and what I intend to leave behind.


I am raising funding to complete my film. The film is partially grant-funded through The Jerome Foundation, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, MN Transgender Health Coalition, and MN State Arts Board. Additional funding is needed over the next 4 years as I write, shoot, and edit this visual journal; my survival guide for others.


If you would like to support this art, please click on the link above.


Thank you so much, Atlas.

“Undoubtedly, we become what we envision” - Claude M. Bristol

PRODUCERS: Atlas O Phoenix & Senay Matewos

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Deidre Hamlar, Celeste Grant, Emma Muelbauer & Roxanne Anderson

DIRECTOR, WRITER, & 1st DP: Atlas O Phoenix

Instagram and Facebook: @beautiful_boi_atlas_phoenix


Beautiful Boi: Bio
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