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Spirit Sexuality

Spirit-Sexual Flag Asymetrical Stars.jpg

Flag designed by Atlas O Phoenix ©2024


Excerpt from Walker Art Center's MN Artist Reader

Funeral Pyre: I Am Transformed 

By Atlas O Phoenix


Spirit Sexuality: An Intro


I’ve created award-winning films, in-depth essays, and vulnerable prose. Spirit Sexuality is less a creation and more of an inspiration where my life and art inspire each other. The deeper story will be in Beautiful Boi.


The deepest and most profound love that one can have is to embody and unconditionally love both feminine and masculine energy of ourselves and others. It is the act of falling in love with one's spirit, the inner light within. This involves radical love and radical integrity.


Spirit Sexuality Explained


Spirit Sexuality is the art of falling in love with one’s spirit, the inner light within. Spirit Sexuality is an anti-identity characterized by the acknowledgment and respect for the uniqueness of the significant relationships in our lives. 


It does not strictly revolve around gender expression or sexuality, because this is extremely personal and deeply private. 


It does not discriminate based on age, color, creed, religion, language, or economics, etc. Instead, it represents a formless and adaptable system for relating to one's universe and seeking compatible universes to become symbiotic with. 


It’s about designing the dream relationships we seek. It’s about the cultivation and maintenance of such relationships. It is our lack of awareness and judgment that divides us. Reading books, listening to podcasts, and journaling with audio recordings or writing in moleskin notebooks deepen our understanding of love, friendship, and romance. It even helps us engage with our pets more intentionally. Every connection expands. Apps like CHANI, The Pattern, Moon Omens, and YouTube channels like Magnetize Yourself and The Tarot Ship, among others, give us tangible and useful information and tools regarding our astrology and how to shape our dreams into our destiny. Another helpful technique, for me, has been engaging in Transcendental Meditation. 


Spirit Sexuality is not associated with any specific letter, and it is not an addition to anything or a particular acronym. Spirit Sexuality is about liberation, sovereignty, autonomy, agency, accountability, and heightened awareness of our connections. 


Some relationships are unsustainable while others have been connected for lifetimes. Now, in this lifetime, we are merely picking up where we left off.


The Symbol & The Flag


The symbol is a Purple Heart = 💜


The inspiration behind the choice of colors and shapes will be discussed in Beautiful Boi. For now, here’s what the choices mean. I invite you to feel; not think.


In the flag(above), the coming together of hearts against a backdrop of black sky and ten asymmetrical stars symbolizes the infinite and varied nature of unconditional love by opening our hearts and falling in love with the universe within others. 


The two closest stars represent two individuals with the deepest, symbiotic trust between them, while the surrounding stars symbolize the support they receive from those around them, who nurture them with unconditional love, respect, and compassion. The eleventh star, purple and magenta, symbolizes the divine intelligence guiding the two in the middle and everyone else in the sky that’s connected to them.


Purple, the highest vibration, is associated with the Phoenix and signifies that there will inevitably be times of trials and tribulations within our connections. However, with time, heart, and effort, our relationships can be rejuvenated, leading to a stronger bond. 


Magenta, a magical color, represents forgiveness and kindness. 


The gold outline around the hearts is a symbol of a prosperous life built on serving one another, lasting lifetimes.

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